Mind Body Integration 

Your Life is a gift to be enjoyed and shared with others. 

At the Internal Alchemy Institute Clinic, we acknowledge that life is a gift. This doesn’t, however, mean that life is always easy! It means that every challenge provides the opportunity to be creative and ask ourselves, “How can I best use this challenge as a springboard for growth?”  Creativity is inherent in every human being and a part of what makes our lives rich and unique.

All of the practitioners at IAI have extensive spiritual education and are familiar with many different religious and spiritual traditions. This allows us to be comfortable working with people across belief systems as well as people who have no formal spiritual background.

Our practitioners can assist you in deepening any spiritual path you may already be on. We can also guide you in taking your first steps, if deep self-exploration is something new to you. Our most important goal is to facilitate your personal growth and unfoldment.

 Please call us with any questions or to schedule your free consultation to see whether Medical Qigong is right for you.
We can be reached at: (831) 241-4636