Integrative Oncology

We are honored to offer this cutting edge approach to integrative cancer care.


You can feel supported in your journey through cancer.

After you or your loved one has been given a diagnosis of cancer, one of the most beneficial things you can do is find a supportive and caring environment that can help you travel the road ahead. The journey through cancer can be one of growth and awakening with the right support around you.

At the Internal Alchemy Institute Clinic (IAI), we are honored to offer you a sanctuary and support for difficult times. All of our practitioners are completing doctoral level training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus in oncology. We are skilled in working with your oncologist, to ensure that you receive the very best in both Eastern and Western medical care.


We use a patient participatory model in which each client receives:

  • Weekly Medical Qigong sessions, ranging from 1-3 office visits per week, depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Qigong prescription exercises to be completed between sessions. These exercises maintain the treatment between office visits.
  • Time-tested herbal prescriptions. These are used to protect the body’s immune system and clear toxins from the body. We work with any other medications and therapies you are using in order to provide the maximum benefit without negative interactions.

Our clinical protocols are evidenced based and have been successfully applied for thousands of patients at several hospitals and universities throughout China including Henan University in ZhengZhou and XiYuan Hospital in Beijing.  We are excited to offer this cutting edge approach to integrative cancer care to the United States. We make time to work with you and your family to know whether Medical Qigong therapy is the right choice for you.


Some Benefits You May Experience from Medical Qigong Therapy and Cancer Support

1. Minimized side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

2. Decreased post-surgical pain and symptoms.

3. Ease in making healthy dietary changes.

4. Decreased nausea and digestive upset.

5. Detoxification and the generation of new healthy tissues.

6. Decreased overall stress levels.

7. Compassionate support in emotional detoxification.

8.  Strength to make necessary adaptations in life.

9. A new found sense of meaning in life: realizations of what is truly important to you.

10. Increased sense of peace and well-being in the face of uncertainty.


Please contact us at the Internal Alchemy Institute to schedule your free consultation (831) 241-4636.