Medical Qigong Therapy

Medical Qigong is a smart choice for your health and vitality!


As we live our lives we are exposed to both enhancing and destructive influences. Every influence produces a tangible shift in the electromagnetic field of the body. If an influence is strong or prolonged, the body will adapt to the stimulus. This is what underlies disease patterns, from the common cold, to more severe conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes and cancer. Most importantly, this is also what underlies health and the profound potential to heal.  The human body has the amazing ability to reach new heights of performance, health, and achievement that may surprise you! Allow Medical Qigong therapy to assist you in establishing deep positive influences that can become your new norm and a stepping stone to a more fulfilling life.

A Medical Qigong treatment at the Internal Alchemy Institute

Qigong is the oldest modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  For over 5000 years, doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have built their medical practices on the knowledge that everything is composed of the same energetic substance called “Qi”. It is the life force energy that underlies all ancient medical systems.  In the modern Western world we also have this concept. Albert Einstein showed us that everything in the universe is made up of and radiates energy. It is this energy that the Medical Qigong doctor utilizes when performing a Medical Qigong treatment. Today, Medical Qigong is used in hospitals in China and is a proven therapy which complements traditional western care. Some patients describe their experiences as similar to receiving an acupuncture treatment but without the needles!

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